“To survive, you must tell stories” – Umberto Eco

katepicHi, I’m Kate Ferreira. I am a creative, reliable, and resourceful freelance journalist and writer, with extensive experience in news media and content creation.

I have been freelancing since early 2013. My clients include Business Day, the Financial Mail, CFO South Africa, SA HomeownerWoman & Home, and The Sunday Times, among others. I am based in South Africa – primarily Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Before freelancing, I held the position of news editor for a weekly news and fashion magazine, Grazia (South Africa). I have also worked as managing editor for the radio station websites of a major broadcast media company, and in financial journalism as the online editor and student supplement magazine editor for the weekly Financial Mail (FM).

I often work with academics and researchers, to develop stories out of their research and insights, and to communicate these with a non-academic audience. During my time in communications, I created website copy, press releases, and blogs, as well as running social media campaigns, and writing corporate news articles and opinion pieces. I have also worked as a copy editor and photographer for several companies, both here in South Africa and in the UK.

I hold a bachelors degree in journalism and media studies from Rhodes University (completed 2005), and a Masters in Journalism degree from Wits University (2016).

I enjoy writing on a variety of topics but have a particular passion for meaty stories I can sink my teeth into, and have focused on people-centric narratives; profile writing; data-led consumer finance coverage; economic development; science, innovation, and technology;  and travel.



I am a full member of the Southern African Freelancers’ Association (Safrea)

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